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Combine art classes led by professional painters with leisurely pursuits and trips around the magical island of Kea. 


Kea is the first of the Cycladic islands. It has a brilliant climate and topography and it is this landscape that over the years has drawn Athenian painters to form a summer colony which centred on my art gallery. Here, they would drink wine late into the night and talk about art, philosophy, politics, architecture and food. Last year, I decided to find a new way to share my love of living with artists by offering 'Skolidays' in my beautiful home.

What’s included :


  • Tuition

  • Accommodation

  • Port pick up

  • Excursions

  • Any transport to and from painting locations 

  • Materials and equipments, brushes, paints and paper, easels, boards and water containers,

      portable stools

  • Use of all facilities

  • Wifi access

  • Daily breakfast at the Art House

  • Two meals at local tavernas

  • 5 evening meals (excluding wine) at the Art House


 An introduction to the course and the basics will start on the first day on your arrival, followed by a welcome  evening meal at The Art House, whereby you will have a chance to chat to others on the course. Whilst classes are structured at the beginning of each day, 11.00 am., individuals will be encouraged to work as their mood and schedule suits them. In the afternoon the artists can try out new media or continue with work started in the morning.  We will also set up a longer  painting which can be worked on at the same time each day.

Painting sessions take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and beautiful outdoor locations around the island.


A wonderful opportunity for people with all levels of experience to explore the skills of drawing and life drawing. Throughout the course you will work to a variety of themes to learn fundamental drawing skills, including composition, colour mixing, tonal drawing, measurement and movement. 

The tuition is friendly and informal on a 'one to one' basis, allowing you to develop at your own pace knowing that the tutor is on hand to help you.



Don't worry if you can't match Michelangelo  practice makes perfect, say researchers.


Our tutors teach students to develop powers of observation as well as personal vision and to experiment with media, enjoy painting and be creative. 


No part of the holiday is compulsory. The days begin with a lesson highlighting a particular aspect of painting or drawing and incorporating exercises to help participants free up their hand and build confidence. 

Aside from the practical aspects of our  Skolidays, you can explore the local villages, meet the locals, visit unique archaeological sites, learn the history of the island and enjoy time with like-minded people.

As to materials, if you have favourite papers, brushes or paints that you cannot live without bring them please because everyone is different.

I don't want to be your mother but I have made a list of packing essentials


Non painters are welcome too, a good opportunity to take advantage of the many attractions in the island. Non-participating partners sharing a room will receive a discounted price.

It is also possible to attend the course on a non-residential basis if preferred.

For any of these options, please enquire for prices.


Course space is limited, so early booking is recommended.

For booking or additonal information, contact us.

I've an idea that you may never have heard of my island home, Kea, because it's been a bit of a secret destination, known mainly to travellers who like to venture off the beaten track. 

Kea has escaped mass tourism and preserved its natural beauty in part because it has no airport and island-hoppers mostly go via Pireaus. The port for Kea, Lavrio is

less known but in fact more easily accessible from Athens airport and has 

regular services taking one hour.




Staying at The Art House with its breathtaking views of the harbour, wide terraces and cool contemporary interiors.


For general enquiries and further information, please contact us:


P.O. BOX 1015

GREECE, 84 002



Tel: +30 0697 4427085


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